Will MOOCs be useful in your job search?

Posted by  On May 07, 2015

Will MOOCs help you in your job search? We think it does. In a recent report by Duke University, about 73% of the organisations surveyed viewed MOOCs very positively with respect to their potential influence on hiring decisions for job applicants who had taken job-related MOOCs.

This is extremely good news for MOOC learners. Even though the report insists on the importance levied on traditional degrees and credentials, MOOCs are now perceived as an indication of the learner’s motivation and intention to grow.

James Caan, Serial Entrepreneur, in an article on LinkedIn, articulates that every employer looks for the following traits in a potential employee: Ambition, Initiative, Commitment, and Personality. Going by his words, a successful MOOC learner stands to gain an edge over competition in a job hunt.

This is because unless you are ambitious, you would not have the quest to learn and further your knowledge. The more you learn and the more credentials you earn through learning, the more it portrays you as an ambitious and self-motivated person.


Not to mention that taking an MOOC feeds your insatiable desire to keep yourself updated in your chosen field of study.

When it comes to learning courses via MOOCs platforms, you are not answerable to anyone but yourself. Since MOOCs offer plenty of flexibility in terms of course completion, assessments and the level of participation, your successful completion of a MOOC implies you need no supervision when it comes to your work. And that you are capable of starting and completing a task on your own.

This is something that employers consider a desirable trait not just in their employees but for business in general. As a self-starter, you will set a great example in your organization.

Your ability to successfully complete courses via MOOC without compulsion or supervision speaks volumes about your commitment and sense of responsibility.It proves that you are open to going the extra mile to meet professional goals.Your dedication to a job steers you to the top of your career ladder.Employers would be interested in your profile for your ambitious initiative to learn something that demands your complete dedication.

Go learn an MOOC and show it off on your CV with élan!

Good Luck!


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