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... owing to a general lack of knowledge about the concept of OER and a paucity of technological infrastructure and institutional policies. Thus, our project stakeholders formed a materials development team ...
2. OER Training Toolkit
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... information, web links and media resources within the modules, and then for you to collect and manage OER resources that make the most sense for you in your personal or institutional context.   ...
... especially with the view to encouraging the development of an OER community that would share learning resources across institutions and nations. A fortuitous coming together of pedagogy ( i.e. recognition ...
4. OER Community
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... Institutional Frameworks for Quality Assurance of OER Prof. V.S. Prasad The TIPS Quality Assurance Framework for Creating Open Educational Resources: Validation ...
5. About Us
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... 50 or 60 thousand institutions of higher learning. The number of Asian Children attending school is about 550 million and those in higher education exceed 75 million; in addition to these some 10 million  ...
6. About OER Asia
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From East to West Asia is a huge continent home to some four billion people, a vast majority of whom are young seeking education in its Schools numbering millions and a further 50 or 60 thousand institutions ...



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